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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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republican front runner for president. >>we begin with camping 2016, an attack ad against donald trump funded by a new pack attempting to stop the billionaires momentum good evening,. >> one of the political action committees top operators is set up right here in south florida. cbs4 spoke with them and joins us live from miami. >> reporter: well, we want you to meet tim miller. used to be the spokesman for jeb bush when he was running for president. now, he is a spokesperson at the communications director for something called our values. they have a whole lot of money and their mission is to derail donald trump. let's take a look. >> anybody but trump abc. >>abc is about to hit florida. >>at trump university we teach success. that is what it is all about. >>said. it will happen to you.
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university was a scam. >>the movement going on right now and parts of miami and the battleground will be florida ahead of the march 15 presidential primary. >>no matter what the issue is donald trump has been on both sides.>> tv ads will saturate the florida airways. >>we will do a surroundsound approach, male, radio, digital, television. >>big-time -- big timers are now making their move . the owners of the chicago cubs, the ricketts family have kicked in millions. >>we have big donors and big supporters were worried about the republican party, they came together and said this organization needs more money, an infusion of cash because now is the time to stop us if we do not do it before the florida primary it will be too late. >>i do support his candidacy
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>> the pack adds work in i will -- iowa. he lost to ted cruz. >> there is no leader of this effort. it requires them to take a big risk. normally they don't like to be on the wrong side of public opinion.>> reporter: back live from donald trump. let me read this to you: i would love to see the republican party and everyone get together and unified. when we unify, there is nobody who was going to beat us. that from donald trump. we will watch all of this very closely and get set for non- slide on tv radio and the newspapers. the surprising announcement today, 2012 republican nominee mitt romney will be given the speech tomorrow in utah. exactly what he will say is not known, but he has been a vocal critic of donald trump. his releases he will speak on
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presidential race. reports that the speech is not an endorsement of another candidate or an announcement that he is entering the race. donald trump fired back on twitter thing just another desperate move as a man who should have easily beat barack obama. one-man donald trump would have to take on is doctor ben carson. today he sent out a statement that he is skipping tomorrow's nights republican debate in michigan. he says he does not see a path forward for him to win the presidency. >>marco rubio early voted at his home precinct. he of course the ballot for himself. >>it is a privilege to be able to vote for myself for president just to a few blocks from where i grew up. >>it is my home and we're going to win florida. >> florida's primary could be his last dance for the waste -- race for the white house. you can find more information on our website, cbs 2016. >>in a 2-year-old recently
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-- 22-year-old accused of posing as a doctor and setting up his own practice faces new charges. he stole money from an 88-year- old woman he was pretending to treat. we're joined live from outside the palm beach county jail. >> reporter: malachi love robinson walked out of the jail a few hours ago. his attorney admits it is very likely he will be back here facing more charges as prosecutors continue to build a case against him. >>it is all a misunderstanding. >>the 18-year-old walked out of the palm beach county jail accused of stealing more than $34,000 from an elderly woman that he treated while posing as a doctor. investigators say he used the money to pay off a car and credit cards. reporters. we went to his home wednesday looking for answers.>> we're looking for malachi. >>he is not available. >>anything you want to tell us on his behalf. >>no.
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quite a bit about the teen. he found notoriety coast-to- coast after be -- being arrested for impersonating a doctor . >>he is still a young man and he is still very tender. >> in the eyes of the law, he is an adult and facing a world of trouble. >>this not the first time where i have been accused and it will pursue this. >>in previous interviews he address the charges. he was caught roaming the halls of hospital wearing a white lab coat. at a court hearing on wednesday, a judge ordered him to undergo and mental-health evaluation. his attorney told reporters that he plans to plead not guilty and at a recent news conference he appeared to be asking for help. >>stop worrying about bashing someone and start lifting them up. >>i spoke with that 88-year-old victim by phone and she told me she was very impressed by him as a doctor and she is still
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she says her big take away is just how careful you have to be when choosing a physician. several us airlines are asking for permission for daily flights from south florida to cuba. today airlines such as jetblue, american airlines and delta submitted applications with us department of transportation. the pact with the cuban government gives us airlines access to 110 daily flights to cuba, but only 20 of those will be allowed to go to havana. the final rounds are expected to be released this summer. >>police have now found the vehicle believed to have been used in a shooting death. officers located the car in opa- locka. king carter was shot and killed february 20 outside of an apartment complex in northwest miami-dade. he was standing outside of the complex when a car came up and to need -- 2 teenagers open fire on another teenager. the child was killed in the shootout.
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>>one year after a gold heist the started in miami and ended in north carolina, the fbi has made its first arrest. alberto perez is accused of stealing $4.8 million in gold bars from a truck on i-95. investigators say 3 armed men intercepted the truck and tied up the driver. the suspect sister-in-law is stunned he could be capable of the crime. >> if all of this were true, i don't see how he could be living here, owing the type of vehicle he owns. 2 and 2 dozen at a.>> police released these 2 sketches of the other suspects there still looking for. >>2 more teenagers have been arrested in connection to a car chase. police say a 16-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl turned themselves in less night. police say they along with 3 other 15-year-olds spent down the highway in a stolen car monday afternoon. you saw that
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channel 4. the 15-year-olds are facing several charges. >>a disturbing discovery in oakland park were a man human remains were found in a field. police responded to the area. detectives say the romance are those of the white man. -- the remains are those of a white man. they have been taken to the lab. >>cart on camera -- caught on camera, a thief breaking into a car. cameras catch the man casually approaching the car and ransacking it. the suspect is known as a car harper -- hopper. he tried to unlock dozens of cars in the middle of the night here anyone with information on who this man may be is asked to call police. take a look at this. chopper floor -- for floor for a dump truck accident . the driver ended up trapped in the and had to be rescued. he was taken to the hospital.
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crews worked to free the driver. >>this just in: the justice department has struck a deal in service scandal. washington post reports a former staffer who set up the server and clinton's new york home she was secretary of state has been granted immunity in clinton could face an indictment for the possible mishandling of classified government documents. >>new video into the cbs4 newsroom, a wild heist. a group of men break into a gun store. wait until you see everything they got away with. >>also, a convenience store clerk turn the tide on the robber. you will want to see what happens next. >>and to this: >> there is not a better movie to be on that they watch especially with the student here>> this is where it -- it is that. stomach we take you to the south florida's -- we take you to the south florida set of baywatch.
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about the characters. i donated to 2 couples and
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will take you inside a new video tonight, imagine seeing this in your pool. a family in central florida finding a 9 foot alligator in the swimming pool.
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a pond through a screen and into the pond. wranglers got the gator out and took it away. >>there is another incredible piece of new video. a mop of robbers destroying the interests of a gun store and storming the place. tonight they are on the run with an arsenal. the dog burglary at a southwest houston gunshot was fast and furious. the group of men pulled up to the front of the store with a large pickup truck, smashed windows, attached chains to the door and hinges. 10 people than rushton and ran through the store, smashing a row of glass cases -- 10 people rushed in and ran through the store, smashing a row of glass cases. from this angle, we see one man scoop up at least 4 rifles off the back rack. in early investigation shows the thieves got away with at least 50 weapons. federal officials say weapon stolen like this usually end up
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used in violent crimes. caught on camera: a store cloak -- clerk fought back against an armed robber in georgia. the woman beat up the thief and try to get a hold of the gun as he demanded money -- demanded money . the woman tried to grab a hammer and try to chase him. police are looking for the suspect. >>scott kelly is expected to arrive back in test it -- testatrix -- texas any day now. he spent 340 days at the international space station. he carried out experiments to study the effects of long trips up and he spoke shortly after landing back on earth. >> i'm encouraged to go even longer. even though i look forward to coming home and there are things that i missed, i felt like if it was for the right reason i clearly could've stayed. >> nasa says he is now 2 inches
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they say that is normal, his spine stretched out during all that time being weightless. it will slowly go back to the way it was. >>today the us supreme court heard arguments in a case involving a texas abortion law which requires doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. it also requires abortion clinics to meet surgical center standards. opponents argues it is designed to shut down clinics and reduce women's access to abortion. the justices opinion will impact several states that have passed similar laws. the out come of the case will be hard to predict now. investigators in oklahoma trying to figure out what caused the crash that killed a national gas tycoon. the car of our very mcclendon to aubrey mcclendon went up in flames when he went straight
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one day after he was indicted on felony antitrust charges. >>a health alert, a new report shedding light on how doctors may be able to catch ovarian cancer earlier. the report says ovarian cancer is not just one disease, but rather different types of cancers that start in the uterus or fallopian tubes. researchers say understanding these cancers is critical for early detection and treatment. eggs for sale: we're not talking about at the grocery store. hopeful parents are turning to donor eggs to create their families. >>a place in south florida allows them to pick one without the weight -- wait. we go inside the egg bank. they are educated, their young and their healthy. for mac these may sound like qualities you may see listed on a dating profile but similar
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courting the perfect egg? smith you want someone with a good family history, no genetic defects, someone that is healthy and someone that is not overweight. we're looking for personality and of course looks. >> reporter: doctor mark tinker is in the business of a be making. sometimes that business involves deposits and withdrawals at a bank, and and bank -- egg bank . this room is the equivalent of a ball -- vault. is the first of its kind in our area. for hopeful parents this is where the families begin and a sterile environment is key hence the shoe cover and the especially when handling what is being stored inside these tanks. eggs from carefully screened donors tier in liquid nitrogen -- here in liquid nitrogen. these eggs are frozen ahead of time. parents to be can choose a donor by perusing the website
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photos and physical attributes to whether the eggs have resulted in successful pregnancies before. >>i was just going through the motions of life and certainly it helped out financially with my college education at the time. i also knew i was doing something rewarding and it was going to be able to change someone else's life. >>jennifer lee go -- ingle is the doctors partner. >>i donated for 2 couples of both had twins. >>she may $10,000 for each of hold donations -- her donations. the egg bank pays its approved donors $7000. it is not unheard of for some agencies to pay different amounts depending on what is in demand. >>there has been an increased desire for multiethnic donors. donors must have a healthy body mass index. for example, a woman who is 55 can't weigh
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wants to donate eggs. at this egg bank, they require donors to be between 21 and 31 with some education above a high school diploma. >>every donor has a psychological evaluation in a session with a trance psychologist. they really have a chance to think about it and know what they're getting into. >>now, pregnant herself, ingle says she has no regrets. >>i gave a cell. if it wasn't for the love of those parents, that child wouldn't exist. >> so interesting. everything that goes into it behind the scenes that you would never know. >>our chief meteorologist is here. today's weather is one we would like to bank. >> clichi what is going on. live pictures from our biscayne bay camera.
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warmer -- . we have a west northwest breeze that is very light. we may see fog developing overnight. miami beach, 74, 73. our cool spot is not that cold tonight, weston and 69 degrees. your singles called winds with a high humidity . 79 is the normal high. we were in the low to mid 80s tomorrow. probably low 80s, mid-80s for friday. computer models falls into the 60s, 50s and 40s. tomorrow, under sunny skies, it is back to the 80s for highs and 70s across the northern and central parts of the central. temperatures are in the low 80s on friday. we are ahead of another cold front, a week cold front to our west. is not that strong of a cold front. it will drop is out of the mid- 80s into the upper 70s for
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is not as warm. on monday and tuesday, high- pressure continues to build and. it was a little more breezy. temperatures across the country right now, still cool in the northeast, temperatures in the 20s and 30s the midwest in the southwest, on the warm side, 50s, 60s and 70s. patchy fog is developing for us tonight. look for a great deal of sunshine tomorrow. high clouds blow by from time to time. high temperature near 82. for boaters no problem on the waters. we have a light chop on the bay. taking us through the weekend, 2 more warm days on friday -- especially on friday and then the weekend looking very comfortable . hollywood's big shot, the wayne the rock johnson and zac efron are in south florida. there are filming a movie version -- they are filming a movie version of baywatch . >> reporter: is there a better movie to be on the baywatch?>> no. >>just to be clear, there is
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baywatch especially with the student. >>this is where it is that. >>take a moment to look at the shape. >>this guy motivates you to work out. i follow him on instagram and he's an animal. >>you're playing the character the table hasselhoff played -- david hasselhoff played. >> he has been amazing. from day one he has been so supportive. he said if there was one guy who would be playing me, it is the rock. >>tell me about your character? >> i play matt brody. he is the brash young recruit. he doesn't see eye to eye with mitch in many things. >> no, i think he is a -- did you have on a red white and blue all-american bathing suit? >> yes. i would flash you guys -- no. >> back to you. >> are you going to see that one?>> maybe. >>you have to see it is a local show.
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>>we will take you behind the (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. cbs cyber fans, if you like tonight's nailbiter -- fighter, you can get another fix of the hit show sunday night in its regular time slot is an episode called the 5 deadly sins.
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killing the egg is offenders of of actual post on social media websites. we talked to the stars about that. >> it is about content moderators, sort of like for instagram, twitter and facebook in terms of people who flag offensive post. so, somebody -- actor jamie lynn sigler will guest star on a special csi cyber sunday night at 10 followed immediately after the cbs4 news at 11. we're getting a sneak peek tonight at james gordon's cover photo shoot for the wall street journal. you can see the late show host cover and fake tattoos. i wasn't if those -- sure if those were fake or not which he says is inspired by one direction harry styles. he offers a candid interview of his career and his journey of becoming the late late host on cbs.
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tim barry who was forced to basketball camp is peaking at the right time. jim is making sure his team does not let up off the throttle. his backcourt dominates tonight. rodriguez might have been his best game of the season. they were to an 18 point lead. here sheldon with the program move to the hoop. -- pro move as un bumps the irish. >>dewayne wade causes a mild stir with his instagram post. he worked out what his buddy, lebron james. lebron gets into town, they could be playoff foes and couple of months but they say the joint workout is no big deal. >>it is not hard for me to work out with someone that i have been working out with for 13 years. if it was somebody i didn't know, it would be a little different, but obviously lebron
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a nice place to come to get away from a couple of days -- for couple of days . >>beasley signing with houston for the rest of the year. he was mvp of the chinese basketball association. they loved watching him dunk. he turned out more money overseas than over at the mba. the best golfers in the world are ready to play for keeps. thompson will try to defend his title. he will have plenty of competition because jordan as well as right now choroid -- roy mcelroy. >> i'm not american[ laughter ] he is not going to be the leader of my country, so it really doesn't bother me too much.[ laughter ]
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>>yes he has all of the jokes. >> do they lower the baskets in china? it looks like they are little bit shorter? >> no, the players are shorter. beasley look like a giant compared to those guys.
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. that will do this turn for cbs4 news. thanks for watching.>> remember to watch cbs4 this morning starting at 5 am. you can always log on to our website and watch all of our newscast live online. ha ( band playing intro music ) (
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) >> jon: stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey, everybody! hey, jon! hey! ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the show, everybody! thank you so much. thank you down here. thank you up there. thank you so much. good to see you. welcome to "the late "the late show" everybody. i'm stephen colbert. it's been a huge week in america. we've seen cataclysmic events, decisions with unknown implications for all our future, choices being made that cannot be undone because monday


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